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Location : Amata City Industrial Estate, Rayong

Project owner : Ekarat Solar Cell Co., Ltd. , Subsidiary Company of Ekarat Engineering PCL.

Year : 2005 - 2007

The Ekarat Solar Cell factory was the first and the only manufacturer of Crystalline Solar Cell in Southeast Asia. The initial production plant has the capacity of 25 Megawatt (MWp) per year. The full phase project consisted of 50 MWp Solar Cell, 50 MWp Metallurgical Silicon Wafer and 400 Tons Metallurgical Silicon Ingot Production Plant. Total project value was around 7,500,000,000.00 Baht.
The Process Utilities/Facilities System Contract will cover the design, supply, installation and testing, hook-up with Process Machine and commissioning of the Process Utilities/Facilities System Equipments, of which are HVAC, GEX, AEX, Sanitary, Stormwater Drainage, Fire Fighting Chemical Wastewater Treatment, Power Supply, Telephones, Public Address, Closed Circuit Televisions, Access Control, Process Cooling Water, Compressed Dry Air, Bulk & Specialty Gases, Chemicals, Ultra-Pure Water and Building Automation System, Production Building, Multipurpose Building and Support Building.
The Process Tool & Technology Contract will cover the design, supply, installation and testing, commissioning, training, starts ramp-up production of the Solar Cell Production Plant and Solar Cell Production Technology transfer.
The Consultant was responsible for the main tasks as follows:-
     - Monitoring and reporting of the Turnkey Contractor's works including, any breach of the Contract by the Turnkey Contractor, any actual or potential claims against the Owner arising from the works by the Turnkey Contractor or Technology Transfer Contractors or third parties, any potential problems which may impact the safety, schedule progress or cost of the works.
     - To recommend corrective or remedial actions to prevent, resolve, counter or mitigate the effects of the deviations or problems.
     - To review, comment and report on the Turnkey Contractor Quality Assurance Plans, and Safety Plans.
     - To review and approval or disapproval as the case may be, of the submitted Designs by Turnkey Contractor.
     - To process utilities/facilitate design co-ordination between the Turnkey Contractor and Technology Transfer Contractors.
     - To supervision, review, comment, recommend and monitor the progress of the Technology Transfer and Turnkey Contractor installation, testing and commissioning works including the approval of the Technology Transfer and Turnkey Contractor installation, testing and commissioning programs and progress of works.
     - From time to time entering all construction site to supervision the installation works, tests of materials, equipment or plant carried out by the Technology Transfer and Turnkey Contractor whether the same are or liable to become unsafe or dangerous.
     - Clarify and advising the Owner on the implications of proposed variations to Owner's requirements and discussing the same as necessary with the Turnkey Contractor,
     - To review test and commissioning reports arising from system integration tests, test running and ramp-up running.